Data Pipeline Governance Software

Case Study

After a Fortune 500 company trialed numerous software solutions available in the marketplace that failed to meet its rigorous data governance requirements, Cascade Data Labs leveraged its understanding of the client’s business, data, and technology landscape to build a robust, custom software solution on the enterprise’s existing cloud architecture. Not only did this software create a framework to scale data transformation pipelines curating a multitude of analysis, reporting, and data science applications, but it also helped the organization maintain a clear line of sight into where and how it’s data was being processed to facilitate privacy law compliance. It also helped the organization maintain the fidelity necessary to use data increasingly for internal decision-making and customer-facing applications.

Features of this custom data pipeline governance software include:


Custom code libraries facilitating containerized data pipeline development, testing, and productionalization on the cloud


Self-documenting code easily discoverable and immediately available with code deployment


Sensors detecting when data has arrived and triggers kicking off any dependent jobs


Data lineage tracking interdependencies between every source data field, KPI, and reporting artfact.


Plug-and-play anomaly detection framework to detect data issues as soon as possible


Subscription registry pairing anomaly detection with data lineage to identify downstream data impacts and alert affected stakeholders

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