Who We Are

Cascade Data Labs is now part of Kin + Carta, a digital transformation consultancy that combines strategic consulting, software engineering, and data expertise to create tangible business value.

Many companies struggle to harness real business value from their practice: building solutions that don’t scale, missing critical business context, and leveraging an often siloed approach to execution. By integrating with Kin + Carta, we strive to align all of the disciplines required to successfully execute a coherent vision of the end product, while keeping vigilant focus on driving value for the business.

Our Mission

To drive our clients forward by balancing the promise of data science and engineering innovation with the realities of their unique business circumstances.

Our core values are at the center of everything we do.

  • We believe in distributed leadership and are accountable to ourselves and our teammates to ensure seamless engagement management.
  • We are responsive and take ownership of responsibilities entrusted to us.
  • We are accountable to our clients, providing them with practical business solutions grounded in utility, not hype.
  • We strive to understand the context of the problems we solve and the insights delivered to produce work of the highest integrity.
  • We consider the business and technical landscape of our clients to choose the most appropriate solution.
  • We believe that the collective is greater than the sum of its individuals: we put our clients and, by extension, our brand above our own personal interests.
  • We mine our internal knowledge bases to continuously improve our practice; we mine our client landscapes to tailor solutions that meet their unique circumstances.
  • We are undeterred. We learn new technologies and techniques to solve our clients’ toughest problems.
  • We are happy warriors who understand that delivering disruptive change to large enterprises requires time, patience, and relentless effort.
“My favorite part about working at Cascade Data Labs is that I feel part of a broader mission – a mission to do the right thing, for our teammates and our clients, applying critical thinking to solve difficult problems and focusing on developing our team. I truly believe in the values set forth by CDL leadership and I try to enact them in both my personal and professional life every day.”

Alex Terry

We have built a culture that fosters collaboration, development and intellectual curiosity.

Our team possesses both an analytical mindset as well as the necessary programming skills to work with data in any condition. We embrace new ideas and concepts that stem from diversity within our team and emerge in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Every assignment is viewed as an opportunity for growth and continual development. Our focus is always on understanding the core business problems that challenge our clients and choosing the most appropriate solutions.