Supply Chain Optimization

Case Study

A prominent global retail brand faced considerable challenges throughout their supply chain. As a trusted data science partner, Cascade Data Labs built a cross-functional reforecasting tool consolidating all supply (in-production, in-transit, at warehouse/retail) and demand data into a single interface for their buying teams. The solution continually reforecasts demand throughout the season and maps demand to available supply. It has played a critical role in igniting the client’s supply chain transformation initiative.

Project highlights and services include:


Technical project management coordinating requirements and development across various org functions


UI design and data visualization creating focused workflows and tools consumable by business


Advanced business logic development accounting for edge cases and accomodating future enhancements


Data science model development and operationalization


Tool leverages value of shared stock inventory across all direct to consumer channels to sell through slow-moving inventory


Tool identifies opportunities to increase supply and exploit performance of fast-selling products

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